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Richie and I are starting to depend on each other. Yesterday we had a bonfire in the rain. It was nice. Nameless faces came, we all burned papers and various memories. We danced. We yelled. And we let it burn. Burn as the rain poured down, that was exactly what we did. 
After that we sat in the frigid dark, mumbling about secrets and misadventures.
Very refreshing.

Today Richie shows up at my door and told me that the angels were calling to him.
Then he smiled and told me the angels of snow.

I had wanted to make a snow angel for quite some time, but it just snowed today. So we went to the lake and made a snow angel each. We stared up into the sky, looking for the answers to our problems and questions, knotted together all of the loose ends and said fuck it. 
After that we locked hands and jumped into the lake.

The once a month tradition of taking the plunge will forever go on.

He picked me up and spun me around, in that cold water. We danced and sang and laughed. We laughed a lot. And it wasn't that polite have chuckle, it was a laugh that forms deep inside you, waiting for the perfect moment to be let out. It was that type of laugh.

As we ran back to his truck, we took a picture of our blue skin, and laughed some more.
Turned up the music more then we turned up the heat, and sat in silence in our furnace truck.

And now here I am, ice in my hair, wishing I was back there.

I was asked the question what is love the other day.
I didn't answer it too well.
But in the back of my mind, I knew what it was,
But like always my words betrayed me and my mouth failed to even try.

But anyway, today was nice.
Not exactly lukewarm, 
But not amazing.

"You can tell everyone that this is a song, it may be simple..but I hope you don't mind."

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